PC#25- Maria Christina Falls, PH

My 25th postcard is from Mommy Arlene-a fellow postcrad enthusiast and PMC member. She also into postcrossing and own ilovepostcrossing.info blog.

This card feature Iligan City Maria Christina Falls. According to Mommy Arlene Maria Christina Falls water gives electricity and lights to her hometown. Not Just her hometown but I guess whole part or most part of Mindanao. If you will visit Iligan come and see this beautiful falls.

Thank you Mommy Arlene! Got to visit finally the well known falls in our country because of this postcard. I love falls actually!..there is something in them thats makes me feel at peace..


5 thoughts on “PC#25- Maria Christina Falls, PH

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    The Maria Christina Falls is important to the people of Mindanao because it is their power source. Also, it is considered as the highest falls in the Philippines making it a great tourist attraction.


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